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Puerto Vallarta and Puente Hills and Cedar Hills example

Much care is required in attempt to remedy the homeless population of our fellow citizens in Seattle and throughout the state. Seeking shelter for our homeless should be a community plan with many participants. We have problems no different than those in other countries, and some differences worthy of pointing out. The main goal is to get our people back on foot with a sense of confidence and positive self worth. One thing missing in Seattle at the various tent cities and encampments is productivity. The one extreme difference between the good people of Puerto Vallarta and the good people of Seattle’s tent city encampments is productivity. Puerto Vallarta produces recycled and marketable materials from the plastic bottles. The Seattle encampments do not have a business model of any kind and yet experiencing the urgent need for humanitarian assistance. Consequently, the garbage and recyclables are growing into large mounds.

One fine example for our human population today can be seen with the positive inspiration and enterprising ways that the Puerto Vallarta families achieve. These families are pulling together and managing a business model to sustain their lives within the landfill. The recycled plastic has value and these families pull together a way and means to support life of all ages, young and old, to keep a business moving each day.

Another example is the Puente Hills Landfill in California. Puente Hills has stopped operating due to the large volume of recyclables mixed with other materials that do not biodegrade. This landfill had a 50-year history of operating at full capacity. There are few other methods of removing the recyclables from the waste stream in California other than curb side pickup recycling and deposits at transfer locations.

Seeking shelter for our homeless should be a community plan with many participants working productively. We can encourage the fine organization efforts of Habitat For Humanity to team with the King County Cedar Hills Landfill and King County transfer stations to reuse building materials as well as plastic. The recycled materials can be used to construct small mobile housing structures for use at various transfer locations and at Cedar Hills Landfill. Let us give opportunity to the many good people who want to move out of the homeless encampments and out from under bridges throughout our community. Respectfully submitted, Regis Costello

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